Hot Wheels Redline Club – Membership Info and Collectors List

What is Hot Wheels Redline Club?

The Hot Wheels Redline Club (often called Hot Wheels RLC) is a membership-based community for avid collectors and enthusiasts. Launched by Mattel, the brand behind Hot Wheels, the RLC offers exclusive access to limited-edition cars, merchandise, and events. These limited-run models often showcase unique designs, superior detailing, and special finishes, making them highly sought after by collectors. Redline club cars are only available with Mattel’s membership are much different from finding a Hot wheels Treasure Hunt in the wild. Members of the RLC also benefit from early access to product releases, unique content, and insider news, deepening the connection and experience for those passionate about Hot Wheels and its rich history.

How to Join Hot Wheels Redline Club?

Join the Hot Wheels RLC directly on the Mattel Creations Website. The current price of the digital membership is $9.99/year! Get Exclusive access to products, forums, and more.

Is Hot Wheels Redline Club Worth It?

Whether the RLC is worth joining boils down to individual passion and interest in Hot Wheels. For avid collectors, the unique car models alone can be reason enough. Additionally, the sense of community, insider news, and early access to releases are perks that many find invaluable. If you’re on the fence, consider how much you value exclusive Hot Wheels content and the opportunity to add rare models to your collection. Some collectors join the Hot Wheels RLC to purchase and resell the cars for profit since most cars’ quantities are limited.

How Much Are Hot Wheels RLC Cars?

Hot Wheels RLC cars direct from Mattel Range from $25-40.

Prices for RLC cars vary based on the model, rarity, and demand. Typically, these exclusive cars have a starting price higher than standard Hot Wheels due to their limited production and unique designs. However, on secondary markets like eBay or collector’s forums, some RLC cars can fetch considerably higher prices, especially if they’re from older releases or in mint condition.

Hot Wheels Redline Club Cars

One of the biggest attractions for RLC members is, without a doubt, the unique and limited-edition car models. These aren’t just your average Hot Wheels; they’re crafted with meticulous attention to detail, often boasting finishes and designs that aren’t found in the regular lineup. But what are some of these cars? Here is a list of some of our favorite Hot Wheels RLC cars over the years. Below you will find complete Hot Wheels RLC lists from every year.

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