Best Hot Wheels S2000 Guide [Updated for 2023]

The Honda S2000, a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car first introduced in 2000, holds an irreplaceable spot in my heart. As a proud owner of not one, but two S2000s in the the past, this iconic roadster has become an integral part of my life. It’s sleek design and exhilarating performance captivated me from the moment I first laid eyes on it. The high-revving engine combined with the rear-wheel drive setup delivers a thrilling driving experience that is unparalleled. The memories created behind the wheel of this exceptional car are truly unforgettable, and its presence in my life continues to ignite my passion for automotive excellence.

My love for the Honda S2000 extends beyond the actual cars I’ve owned. It has inspired me to indulge in collecting Hot Wheels Honda S2000s as well. These miniature replicas allow me to capture the essence of the S2000 and display my admiration for this incredible sports car. Each Hot Wheels S2000 in my collection represents a piece of the passion and joy that the real-life S2000 has brought into my life. As I gaze upon my collection, I am reminded of the exhilarating drives, the sense of freedom with the top down, and the camaraderie shared with fellow enthusiasts. Collecting these miniature S2000s is a way for me to keep the spirit of this remarkable car alive, even when I’m not behind the wheel of the real thing.

As a Hot Wheels collector, here is my comprehensive list of my favorite Hot Wheels s2000s.

Hot Wheels RLC S2000

RLC Exclusive Honda S2000

This 1:64 scale s2000 was an extra special design because it was in honor of a past Hot Wheels designer, Ryu Asada, who is no longer with us. Fellow employees said that Ryu drove a bright Yellow Honda S2000 to work almost every day. This car was created in his memory. Sporting a spectraflame yellow paint job and 10 spoke real rider wheels, this miniature s2000 turns the heads of both car enthusiasts and Hot Wheels collectors.

Super Treasure Hunts

AEM Honda S2000 Super Treasure Hunt

Premium Hot Wheels S2000 Castings

Fast and Furious Honda S2000 – Johnny Tran

This Hot Wheels S2000 was part of the Furious Fleet fleet set released in 2021. This black Honda S2000 was driven by Johnny Tran in the Fast and the Furious movie. This car was rumored to have more than $100,000 under the hood of the car. This s2000 raced against Jesse in his VW Jetta during Race Wars.

Fast and Furious Honda S2000 – Suki

This S2000 was modeled after Suki’s s2000 in the Fast and Furious movies. It was released in the premium quick shifters set in 2020.

Spectrafrost Gold S2000

Number 23 or 30 in the Hot Wheels Cool Classics pink card set

Mainline Hot wheels s2000

Satin Blue AEM S2000

Dark Red AEM S2000

Metallic Blue Evasive S2000

Red Evasive S2000

Orange 5-pack exclusive s2000

White Tein s2000

A white s2000 with green tein logos and splotches on the body/hood. This Hot Wheels Honda S2000 came from the HW City line.

Gray Tein s2000

This is a Kmart exclusive in metalflake gray with the Tein Logo down the side. Part of the HW City line.

Zamac s2000

Zamacs are a Walmart exclusive. This s2000 also has the “Ryu’s Rides” decal displayed on the side.